Audio: SATIE-Geneviève de Braband (miniature opera for marionettes)

From an out of print LP of Satie, you can enjoy an unknown but beautiful piece of music of Erik Satie, the "Genevieve de Braband", miniature opera for marionettes.

The plot:
Her story is a typical example of the widespread tale of the chaste wife falsely accused and repudiated, generally on the word of a rejected suitor. Genovefa was said to be the wife of the palatine Siegfried and was falsely accused by Golo. Sentenced to death she was spared by the executioner, and lived for six years with her son in a cave in the Ardennes. Siegfried, who had meanwhile found out Golo's treachery, was chasing the roe when he discovered her hiding-place, and reinstated her in her former honour.

The parts:
Prélude - Choeur - Entr'act- Air de Geneviève - Sonnerie de cor- Entrée de soldats - Entr' act - Choeur - Air de Golo - Entrée de soldats - Cortege - Entrée de soldats - Petit air de Geneviève - Choeur final

Orchestre symphonique de Radio Tele Luxembour: Louis de Froment
Renee Bertemes-Roeder (soprano)
Alphonse Kontz (bariton)

Special thanks to René-The Wolf for his kind given permission to upload this mp3.


Anonymous said...

Poy to brikes pali ayto! Bravo re!

papageno said...

thanks to Rene the wolf... ego eimai sillektis apo operes with few persons... ama to akouso tha paro kai to score...

Gloriana said...

Mi biasteis na to agoraseis, isos to bro, giati endiaferei kai mena poly.