Video: Flower Song (Placido Domingo)

The aria which made Placido Domingo member of the Guiness book of World Records. After the aria the 8-minutes applause is not as impressive as Domingo's modest no-reaction:

For some people he is mr 'Mingo' but for the history of opera he is one of the greatest tenors in the world. And the most important: he is one of the most modest singers of opera.
So, who cares about "contre C's" if the singer knows what true ART is and what accurancy and ethics mean in music.

Maria Callas said: "We, the singers, have to serve the composer and music, not the opposite."

In the end, all this is in the fine print, my friends!



Anonymous said...

den einai 8 einai 12.

Gloriana said...

a nai? Idea den exo gia tis leptomereies.
Tha tsekaro sto guiness book...