Teresa Stich-Randall has passed away!!!

Another one loss for the world of opera.

The American soprano Teresa Stich-Randall (1927-2007) passed away today in Wienn. She was born in Connecticut.

In 1947 Teresa Stich-Randall made her operatic debut as Gertrude Stein in the premiere of Thomson's The Mother of Us All in New York. She then was engaged to sing with Toscanini and the NBC Symphony Orchestra in New York.

After winning the Lausanne competition in 1951, she made her European operatic debut that year as the Nermaid in Oberon in Florence. This established her reputation in Europe, and it was in Europe that most of her subsequent activity was centered.

Teresa Stich-Randall was especially esteemed for her roles in Mozart�s operas. In her concert career she frequently sang works by Händel and J.S. Bach. Her approach to Baroque music is signified by her light tone with no more than a subtle vibrato, clear enunciation, and an infallible sense of pitch. She was definitely ahead of the game in regard to latter-day period performance practice, and her best recordings generously bear this out, in particular her 1966 Vanguard recording of Pergolesi's Stabat Mater.

source: World of recorded Bach Cantatas


mahler76 said...

Telika o monos tropos gia na matheis pos kapoios zouse eno esi ton theorouses nekro edo kai hronia, einai na diavaseis tin anagelia thanatou tou. Rest in Peace.

Gloriana said...

apisteyti ataka mahler...